Entwined Opponents

My father once said to me “Katy, what is it to be an artist? The power of an artist is to create something from nothing.” Throughout my artistic practice I have explored a range of different materials/mediums. For me, there should be no boundaries to the artist to which he or she can use the language of materials to express his or her subject. Often the subject in one medium relates to the same subject in another medium.

The material or medium may alter the way it is produced. Recently, I have been working on a series of figurative bronzes. I have used a variety types of mediums/materials, such as oil paint, pigment, acrylic, mono-type prints, collagraphs, drypoint, wood, stone, bronze and clay.

My work is mainly figurative, but I have also produced a series of abstract works. Inspired by various sources, such as poetry, design, movement, colour, nature, my aim is to create new, dynamic, emotive and thought-provoking art work.

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